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At Halifax, we want to make it easy for you to do business with us.

Lets see how you fail this:

You don't use emails - Why not

You don't have telephone access to the BDM except by using their mobiles

are we really important to you (so your telephone message tells me) So why am I  on hold for so long. So why don't you tell me my position in the queue.

And finally if you have a tracking system why not keep it up to date.






No access to BDM's?

Don't know why thats the case. We ceratinly do (Landline, not Mobile). Its not as if we are a big Company either...............just the two of us.

Having said that, I try to avoid them wherever possible.Too much wrong information provided from them on too many occasisons. A case of Left hand not knowing what right hand is doing.

What a shambles a company that used to offer a great servcie and admin, completely distroyed in the mater of two months.

They have totally missunderstood MMR Rules and taken them to a completey new dismension!

2 months to do a product transfer if you are lucky, systems that you cannot even enter the correct information, ave call time to get through to speak to speak to someone to undo their error 40 mins, wow. That is the way to reduce your business levels to an all time low. From Hero’s to Zero’s in 60 days. If they want to give Extra ( like their adverts) may be they should look at putting some extra effort into the way they now process business, and start apply some common sense!


Wont be using them unless it’s the last resort

Just placed to 90% mortgage deals with Halifax - cases both submitted Monday - payslips etc faxed over same day - valuation completed Tuesday - offers out on Wednesday - I would say business as normal again with them - 2 product transfers - both through within 3 working days

Started a product transfer for my clients whose rate was expiring at end of September with the Halifax. Their 3 month rule meant I couldn't process it until the 1st July. It was quite a large mortgage, £750,000, so the proc fee would be a nice sum.

When I went into the case I found that Halifax had somehow changed clients over in June to a new rate. Clients had gone directly for a further advance and got a new rate for that in June but did not request (and according to Halifax could not because of the 3 month rule) a new rate on their main mortgage. They are friends and would have wanted me to get the commission.

I made a formal complaint to them and their reply was to refer me to the Halifax website where it states "product transfers can be carried out 3 months prior to a clients existing product maturing" Exactly my point!!

Their letter ended by saying "this letter outlines our final response on your complaint and the end of our complaints process" So basically they didn't give a hoot and it certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

For this reason I detest using them for business but sometimes have no choice.

Has anyone else have a similar experience?

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