We manage the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel and we had many issues with delays to exchange simply beacuse Homebuyers couldn't get the appropriate paperwork from their current Building insurance provider or they were unsure about taking out a new policy for 12 months before exchange of contracts.

With this in mind we have solved this by introducing

Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance which provides building insurance cover between exchange of contracts and completion for up to 28 days. it costs just £39 and can be ordered via the Onesearch ordering portal.

It now means that Homebuyers can take out the Flexi Smart policy as they instruct a Solicitor on their purchase. The Solicitor makes the policy live on exchange. Everyone wins.

Brokers can then follow up after exchange to search the market for the right insurance product for the Homebuyer

Any feedback on the idea would be apprecaited.

Flexi Smart House Insurance website

Homebuyers can take a quote away from the Homebuyer Conveyancing website and are prompted to add the Flexi Smart.

They can in their own time decide to move forward or not.

Brokers can use the conveyancing comparison system if they wish, as it can be placed on their website. They also get a login to the back office and can do quotes from that      info@whyt.co.uk