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Thinking about selling your company?

Ask here for business-sale-related questions.

Our expertise within business sales is focused on the real estate market with frequent activity in conversations with mortgage and protection brokerages.

Can you please expand on what exerptise you have - how many deals have you assisted with and what your exeperience of this sector is from?


Thank you


I'm new to the forum after having been invited by the host recently, so please accept my apologies If I answer in the wrong format.

Our team and consultants have completed over 300 business sales. I, myself have been actively investing in property through Flips and SA, while also assisting other investors do the same, completing over 100 of these types of deals. Through this, we are in frequent contact with mortgage brokers and other professional service providers. 

Alongside having numerous friendships with brokers, we understand the business model well and can present our client's businesses to their best form to potential buyers.

Happy to discuss further



Whats the going rate for an established brokerage?

We find that brokerages can be set up in a variety of ways, servicing a range of clients with a combination of different lead sources, all of which impact the valuation. Other factors include location, team, IP, service offering, key man dependency, staff turnover, diversity of revenue & more.

It would be silly to give a definite figure, but I can suggest a range of 2x - 6x on EBITDA (Operating Profit). There are often adjustments that need to be taken into account to be aware of.


Good answer, thanks

Happy to shake on 6 x, right now if you like?

6x has to be something fairly special. If you think your business has something special, I'm all ears.

Feel free to message me.

Hi Leon, what’s the name of your business?

Good research Mr Claypole!

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