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Solve a problem and earn a referral fee for doing so!

Sometimes additional specialist reports are desirable or even essential when it comes to property purchase, development or maintenance.  When it's been identified that there is a risk, concern or actual problem in areas such as: Trees, Drains, Electrics, Gas, Damp, Rot, Asbestos, Timber Infestation and Wall Tie failure, specialist knowledge and/or equipment may be required to get to the bottom of the issue.

In certain circumstances, the services of a Structural Engineer might also be required either to carry out a limited inspection of a specific problem area or even an assessment of the whole structure.

Whatever type of inspection is ordered, a written report will always be provided which will detail any remedial action necessary and in most cases the report will also include a guide to likely cost.  Where ‘Typical cost’ has been quoted below, these are guide prices only for standard properties of up to 4 bedrooms located outside of the M25 motorway.

At SortRefer we offer our Introducers the facility to instruct these reports and to earn something for doing it at the same time.  We offer coverage of the whole of the UK.

Structural Engineer’s Limited Defect
The structural engineer will carry out a visual inspection of the specific defect in question and areas linked to it.  Typical cost £330 + VAT.

Structural Engineer’s Full Survey
As above, but an inspection of the whole property and a written assessment to match.  Typical cost £450 + VAT.

Timber & Damp
A test of ground floor walls for signs of rising damp and of accessible roof and floor timbers for signs of woodworm infestation and/or rot.  Typical cost £150 + VAT.

CCTV Drain
A camera is sent down the drains which allows their condition to be assessed.  If the drains are blocked, they will require unblocking first (which can be done at the same time for an extra charge).  Typical cost £260 + VAT (also used for checking septic tanks and cesspits).

A thorough test of all of the property’s electrical circuits in an industry standard format called a Periodic Report.  Typical cost £250 + VAT.

A test of the gas system including a test of the pipework and an inspection of all appliances including the boiler.  Typical cost £150 + VAT (also available for oil-fired systems although the cost may differ).

Gas and Central Heating
As above for a Gas report but additionally including a visual and functional inspection of the central heating and plumbing systems.  Typical cost £285 + VAT (also available for oil-fired systems although the cost may differ).

Tree / Arboriculturalist
An inspection of the subject trees and an assessment of their threat to property and drains.  Typical cost £330 + VAT.

Japanese Knotweed
An inspection of the suspect plant for identification and risk assessment purposes.  Price on application.
Wall Tie
Specialist equipment is used to see inside cavity walls to check for corrosion of wall ties.  Typical cost £190 + VAT but likely to be higher if cavity wall insulation is present.

Roof Inspection
Roofs will be examined internally and externally as far as access will allow in order to produce an assessment of the condition of the roof structure and coverings.  Price on application.

Whether present in pipes, roofing, insulation or other area, specialists will inspect and advise.  Price on application.

Mundic Test
Mundic was used in mortar, particularly in the South West, but has been found to weaken over time and require repair.  Price on application. 

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