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Basic Valuations

Examples of use

  • A ‘Cash Buyer’ wanting a low-cost professional opinion of property value prior to purchasing
  • Transfer of Equity, Separation or Divorce situations
  • An Executor requiring a reliable valuation of a property on which base the calculations of distributing an estate
  • A client requiring an accurate assessment of a property value to enable accurate IHT (or other tax) assessment and planning to take place

Prices start at just £155 inc VAT.

Homebuyer Reports

Too many property transactions take place without a proper survey having been carried out and the buyers are usually unaware of the limitations of the superficial, Basic Valuation type, survey carried out by their lender.  The crucial difference between the Homebuyer Report and a Basic Valuation is that this type of report is for the benefit of the client who is paying for it rather than for a lender who is simply after a risk assessment.

A Homebuyer Report is intended for conventional, residential properties e.g. houses, flats and bungalows, which appear to be in a reasonable condition and have not been subject to significant alterations since construction (other properties are more likely to be suited to a Building Survey). 

Prices start at just £275 inc VAT.

Building Surveys

A Building Survey is the new name of what used to be known as a ‘Structural Survey’ and is the top-of-the-range type of residential survey available.  It's an in-depth report carried out by a suitable qualified RICS surveyor and provides detailed information about the property’s structure and fabric.  This type of survey not only provides information on existing or potential problems but will also advise on suitable repair options.

Building Surveys are often instructed in tandem with a mortgage lender's Basic Valuation because a Building Survey doesn’t contain a valuation or rebuilding cost estimate (although we do offer these as an optional extra if required).

Examples of where a Building Survey would be appropriate are where the property is: an older property (90+ years), listed, in a state of disrepair or is of unusual construction.  Also, where a property has been significantly altered since its original construction or where major alterations are planned, a Building Survey ought to be considered. 

Prices start at just £375 inc VAT.

Commercial Surveys

A commercial valuation and inspection report is very different from a residential inspection report. Commercial properties can be varied and no two commercial properties are ever the same. Many factors have to be taken into consideration in commercial valuation which is why all commercial inspections are carried out by qualified RICS valuation surveyors with specific experience in commercial property.

Our service may be appropriate in the following instances:

  • Commercial property sale or purchase transactions (including SIPP & SSAS related)
  • Tax or legal purposes
  • Schedule of Condition
  • Rental assessment
  • Sale and leaseback
  • Option agreements

Each case will be quoted invidually.

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