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"Dramatic criteria change?"
"Interest rates to rocket?"
"Fleet Mortgages back..."
"Gabriel - DA from Apr?"
"Lost mtg to EA Adviser..."
"Vida & self-emp clients..."
"One man/woman bands?"
"AR moving to Spain?"
"They want business but..."
"Did the PM write this?"
"Only offered non-indem?"
ER "High interest rates?"
"Get a compliance review?"
2019 "Had an ok year..."
"Comm split with broker?"
"Cold calls - No change!"
"Precise - Inside leg?"
"Income from benefits?"
"Recruiting in Scotland..."
"Ex pat BTL lenders?"
"Lending for deposit?"
"Mtgs on freeholds?"
"Lending to a Trust?"
"Multi occ to single resi?"
"I am not a tax adviser..."
"Family equity gift BTL?"
"BTL remo, 5 yr lease?"
"Over 55s, Darlington..."
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