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How do I join and what does it cost?

cherryFind aims to help consumers understand the benefits of professional mortgage, insurance and financial advice. Consumers can contact you directly, free of charge and no charges are made for any enquiries that you receive.

By joining cherry (free of charge) you can claim a free basic listing on the consumer website and make use of all of the facilities on this industry website - as well as chat to consumers, other advisers and providers in the various forum areas.

Click here to register and add as many of your company details as possible (free of charge)

After registration, please click here to claim your free basic consumer listing

NB You can if you wish upgrade your listing so that it appears higher up in any consumer search results:

Enhanced Listing - £5.00 per calendar month or £50 per year (including VAT). You may have as many enhanced entries as you wish.

National Listing - £50 per calendar month or £500 per year (including VAT)

National cherryFind entries and how they work

When a consumer searches on place or postcode, a maximum of 40 results will be returned. The enhanced local / nearest entries are listed first - up to a 15 mile radius - THEN any National entries are shown randomly against each other, followed by further basic entries, in order of nearness - but which are over 15 miles away - up to the maximum number of records (40).

This means that only rarely will anyone NOT be able to find a useful return on their search given that the 'National' entries are designed to pick up enquiries from consumers who would otherwise have been unable to find suitable listings near to them. So.... National entries will not in any way prejudice or replace local entries, yet - once a good number of National entries are added, it should be almost impossible for a consumer not to be able to find a suitable adviser.

The National entry facility will also assist businesses who don't just deal with clients locally e.g. specialists who deal on a national basis.

PAYMENT - You can pay by Direct Debit, Bank Transfer, BACS, PayPal, WorldPay or other methods.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please email or call us 0151 633 2424