Sending out TCF questionnaires isn’t over once you press send. What is returned to you holds vital information to the growth of your business.


It’s also important to let your clients know that you have received and taken into consideration (or if necessary acted upon) feedback.


When feedback is returned always ensure that you keep a record so that you can recognise any replicated issues. Recording data can also help you to identify;


• Ways to improve your current products/services
• Any gaps in the market
• A niche or in demand product.
• Any failings
• Any complaints in need of a quick resolution.
It will also, shows your clients that;


• You care about fair treatment and are willing to right any wrongs.
• You are monitoring performance and finding ways to improve business
• Their opinion matters to you
• They can feel confident in dealing with a firm which treats customers fairly
• They are provided with clear info and are kept informed through the sale
• They will receive a product which is deemed acceptable
• Any complaints will be taken seriously


So how are you at preparing questionnaires? The 360 Lifecycle questionnaires sends a link with 10 questions which have been prepared and pre-approved to give you the results you are looking for.
How does it work?


Your client simply selects a drop down menu to give an overall service rating and ticks if they want to discuss future business. If your client selects one or more of the product areas for future business this creates an automatic lead into the adviser’s hotbox to contact or refer to a specialist adviser!
These results are then collated and are automatically imported into performance explorer to manage and view for quarterly TCF review reports which are viewable through reports within 360. If you wish to view a training video on 360’s TCF click here.
And don’t forget to show your appreciation for positive and negative feedback alike it may have taken a lot of courage for your client to be truthful about how they really feel.