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About cherry

cherry launched in 2005 to provide an area of the web where all financial intermediaries could communicate about industry issues, gain access to industry news, press releases, events and products etc.

We have very popular online forums where advisers discuss numerous topics including difficult to place cases, lenders, regulation, networks, pensions, general insurance and lots more.

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To date* there are over 27,900 forum topics and over 180,200 comments including a wealth of knowledge for both experienced and new advisers.

The audience and chat continues to grow with members adding an average of over 200 new topics and more than 1,750 comments every month during 2018.**

Unique visits to the forums between January and May 2018 averaged at over 5,800 each month with each visitor spending an average of over 6 minutes on the site and between them viewing over 92,000 pages each month. 

As you can imagine, as well as a wealth of knowledge plus help and advice from fellow adviser members, there is also a lot of opportunity to promote products and services to our members.

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* Topic and post numbers to 14th June 2018

** Average figures from topic and post numbers between 1st Jan 2018 & 31st May 2018