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Welcome to the cherry forums

Access to forums depends on how you described yourself i.e. consumer, adviser or provider

N.B. If you are not logged in, you will only have access to the consumer forums

Forums for advisers only - like old cherry
Forums for providers and advisers to talk

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At the very core of cherry is the desire to help consumers.  We remain absolutely convinced that the best way to do this is to support the many professional, qualified and regulated advisers who are there to assist.  

We are particularly keen to support independent advice - but as the ‘official’ definition of this has become confusing, our ‘clarification’ is as follows: 

Generally speaking, our view is that advisers who look across a wide range of providers within their area(s) of speciality are better equipped to provide unbiased and client-centred guidance and advice  

Through these forums cherry aims to 

  • Improve communication within and about financial services
  • Raise standards and consumer perception
  • Promote the value of advice so that consumers become educated to seek advice rather than to risk dealing directly with providers

The various forum 'accesses' have been allocated to 

  • Allow advisers to retain cherry as a place to talk with each other
  • Allow advisers and consumers to talk
  • Allow advisers and providers to talk
  • Allow specific media access *in order to gain support for issues and campaigns that assist advisers and consumers
  • Discourage situations whereby providers promote their products direct to consumers

Please click here to read the Forum rules and guidelines