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Mortage Broker wanting to return to business after a few year out


I am looking to return to the industry after several years out, ideally I would like to be self employed.  I have completed my cemap but due to the time I have out I would need to complete competent adviser status and not sure how or if this is possible.  Any help would be gratefully received. 

This is possible Suzie but you would need to demonstrate your knowledge and skills are still up to date with a knowledge assessment and role play. You would be coached prior to these assessments taking place and provided with materials to assist you but once these have been completed it would be possible to get back up and running and seeing clients. You would need to be supervised closely with business pre-sale checked to ensure that the advice was appropriate, but following a period of close supervision you could commence working toward achieving CAS status again.

We are actively looking to grow our business and have an excellent proposition for self-employed advisers looking for a comprehensive, all inclusive admin support package. 

Feel free to drop me a private message if you would like to have a no obligation conversation about what we can offer but also if you just want some advice on how you could get back up to speed.



If you have your own sources of business and need the best support and remote case monitoring speak to us - quote Cherry Forum when calling

Where are you in the Country Suzie F ??

Hi Brightstar

I'm in North Wales.


A little difficult to do accompanied client interviews to get to CAS Status, as I'm based on the South Coast of England

I wish you well

A lot of our clients have found that joining an existing brokerage as an RI for around 6 months is a viable way to go.  If you are able to generate work this massively helps of course?



i was in this position in 2016 and had offers from Ingard mortgage network I think their heas office is either Chester or Liverpool so they may be a good fit for you 

Good luck 

Suzie, you being in Wales isn't a problem for

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