I am a newbie on here so forgive me if I break some kind of unwritten protocol.

I’m just saying hello. “Hello”.

There, I said it.

I will probably write on here from time to time but it’s not always going to be plug plug plug for my company and our products and how wonderful they are.

Sometimes it will be a rant about the market in general or a rant about frustrations in the market.

If I am ranting I will only be ranting about Short Term Income Replacement/ASU/PPI/MPPI.

Expect some rants about mis-selling claims too.

Fortunately my firm is never had a mis-selling claim upheld (of which we are aware) because it was only ever a bank problem and not an adviser problem. Indeed, the FCA have said that the number of complaints upheld against advisers is so small that it doesn’t even feature on the statistics.

Although I have been in financial services since 1983 (direct sales with Canada Life) I have had a couple of incarnations in the interim including the legal profession (I am a solicitor but no longer practising). I have known John Tegg, founder of DMS for almost 30 years and we have been working in some shape or form together since about 2000.

I can tell some fantastic stories about mis-selling claims (leftovers from my days in the legal profession) and there is one in particular which I will share at some stage in the future. I think it is a fantastic story (and true) which has a large chunk of poetic justice in it.

So there have it. My short “hello”.


James Mather.
Sales and Marketing Director. DMS Security Plans.