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We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new exciting platform We are an innovative, new business to business lending service aimed at the serious investor who needs finance that is swift, transparent and fair.


Thinking outside the traditional Buy to Let lending box, we use clever technology to connect funders of all shapes and sizes to landlords with property portfolios and developers who are looking for funding.


Come visit us at for further information, call us on 0800 917 3324 or drop us an email 

FCA regulates P2P loans, though no mention of authorisation on the website?

Lend2Landlord is not a P2P platform, it facilitates business to business agreements and as such the Lend2Landlord agreements do not come under P2P regulations.  


Lend2Landlord attracts those professionals landlords who run their operations as bona fide businesses i.e. not passive investors.

Lend2Landlord attracts all sorts of business funders and whilst we do have P2P businesses as funders they source and advise their own investors.


Regards Lee Grandin, Lend2Landlord

It is not the lending bit of the P2P that I reffer too.

It is the investment process that the FCA is concerned about and does not differtiate consumer and business investments on P2P/P2B platforms.

Not only covered by new P2P regulations but previosly by "collective investment schemes" - I think that was PS/13.

Good Luck, I like the idea. FCA authorisation takes time but find somone that has authorisation and become an AR its much quicker.

To clarify Lend2Landlord is not a P2P platform but some of our funders are P2P companies.  We have a unique way of 'flirting' landlords lending requirements to a wider funding audience.   IFA's use us to find funders that are not readily available.  We have an email campaign going to cherry registered users next week .. Will clarify the main reasons why IFA's use Lend2Landlord
Regards Lee 

 Your link to is broken, I get a message "Error establishing database connection".  Please can you fix it so I can visit the site.  Thanks.

Hello 345ARC,

the website is not Rent2.


sorry, finger trouble, but link still non operative. Thanks.


The links are ok for us 345ARC - try this one

Yes, that works fine, thanks.

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