We’re proud that hundreds of businesses whose clients need an impeccable foreign exchange service recommend HiFX. Every year we help over 200,000 clients to buy and sell currency and since inception we have transacted over £120bn on behalf of our clients. From relocation specialists, property consultants and mortgage brokers to some of the world’s largest international banks and financial institutions, HiFX are the partner of choice within the international payments sector. 

How can we help?

HiFX can save your clients time and money when making international money transfers, adding a competitive edge to your service and maximising revenue from your existing client base.

Who can we help?

Covering a wide range of currencies we can help most of your clients who have international interests.  Typical examples include those;

  • Buying/selling/paying bills on property overseas
  • Expatriates sending money home or transferring salaries and/or pensions.
  •  With international investments.
  • With companies who import/export.

 Benefits for your client:

  • Wealth protection – our exchange rates save them up to 4% over using their bank.
  • Elimination of risk – our range of services means they can secure the exchange rate in advance.
  • Avoidance of fees and hassle – clients can trade 24/7 and have the option to pay using GBP or EUR debit cards as well as electronic transfer.

Benefits for you 

  • Protect your client’s wealth – less money lost through exchange rates helps justify fees.
  • Keep your client away from the bank and away from unnecessary competition for you.
  • Maximise revenue from your existing client base by earning ongoing commission every time your client trades (We offer a 15% net revenue share each time a client you have introduced trades for the lifetime ofthe relationship)
  • Increase client retention, strengthen relationships and create new opportunities.

Next steps:


Simply introduce the benefits of HiFX to anyone you think could benefit from our service then email us with their contact details  jake.gosheron@hifx.co.uk or call +44 (0)1753 752 740.