Made plans for Christmas?


If you've made plans to close early for Christmas, but you still have many cases to wrap up why not refer them to Crystal and you'll still get paid!


Refer your non-regulated cases to us and we'll take care of everything for you and you can be safe in the knowledge that
your client, remains YOUR client.


If the case completes you'll still be paid and in some cases you could possibly get more than by going direct!


It's that simple!



If your client comes back to us in the future without coming to you first we will inform you and we will pay out commission to you if their case completes.



Call us on 01827 301 070 or email with:

- Name

- Contact number

- A brief overview of the deal 
(e.g. Jo Smith, 01827 123 456, commercial bridge...)



Contact the Experts...


Speak to our team of experts today on 


01827 301 070


and see how we can help you complete more cases for your clients.