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A quick way of building trust and credibility

By using the following strategy you'll be embracing a forward-thinking, outwardly focused mindset that could benefit you with more prospects.

Consider adding case studies to your Google Business Profile using the 'Create Post' tab within your GBP, you're not just enhancing your online presence; you're making a compelling case for why clients should choose you as their mortgage broker. You're providing tangible evidence of your ability to navigate the complexities of mortgage lending for those with unique financial situations.

Stronger Intermediary Market.

Through sharing your successes, you're also contributing to the overall trust and credibility of the mortgage brokerage industry.

Prospective clients will see the value in using a mortgage broker, understanding that brokers like you have the expertise, flexibility, and dedication to secure the best outcomes for their clients. Leveraging case studies in your Google Business Profile is a powerful strategy to attract more prospects and improve your local SEO.

Showcase the type of product used and the way you solved the challenges your prospect was facing also highlighting the location of your client will demonstrate to Google your ability to provide personalised local mortgage solutions.

It's not just about marketing; it's about building trust, demonstrating value, and distinguishing yourself in a competitive market. Embrace the power of case studies and watch your business grow as you connect with more clients who need your expert guidance to navigate their mortgage journey.

Do you need help writing case studies?

We've created a simple template where all you need to do is provide us with the baseline details of your prospects' requirements, location (town, city, or county), and what product/s you used to satisfy their mortgage or insurance needs. We will then send you a draft case study for you to amend or post directly to your GBP or website blog. Any questions, please get in touch.


How much do you charge to draft a case study please? 

Morning Ronnie,

Thanks for enquiring. Case studies are provided in word and include the following:

Main body of content which you can post directly to your GBP or your website blog. Or you can take it apart and use it to create a series of social media posts.

A list of keywords used. Which you can use to create further content. For example, short videos, further blogs and posts for your GBP.

A list of hashtags to assist with your social media.

The price for an individual case study is £47.00 however, I do offer a discount for 4 at £150.00.

The template I provide comprises of 5 sections and I'd be happy to send one to you directly if you are interested. Equally, I can send you an example of a case study.


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