Join 1st Call 4 Mortgages as a Protection Only Adviser?

Looking for a team that can help you write more business?

Join our thriving community of 60+ ‘Mortgage and Protection’ & ‘Protection Only’ advisers. We offer all the benefits that come with working alongside a successful Directly Authorised (DA) firm.

The ‘self-employed’ experience has been redefined for Protection Only Advisers giving you the freedom to shape your business by leveraging our full suite of resources to scale your business.

1)      Full Marketplace Flexibility:  Advisers have the freedom to operate on a on a ‘whole of market’ basis.

2)      Positive Work Environment: A supportive and friendly team environment that aligns with your business objectives.

3)      Flexible Work Options: Our systems and support cater to various working styles, providing you with the choice to work either remotely or in an office-based environment. 

4)      Compliance: A sensible and practical approach to compliance.

5)      No Fees: No joining fees or monthly charges

6)      Competitive Commission Structure: Advisers receive competitive commission on all income, with weekly payment runs.

7)      No Financial Penalties: Advisers do not face financial penalties for any reason.

8)      Software Support: Advisers benefit from access to customized and sophisticated software solutions, including customer relationship management (CRM), Protection sourcing, General Insurance software and pre-sales tools all provided.

9)      Additional income streams: We provide support for additional income streams including opportunities in estate planning.

10)   Fair Contract: A straightforward and fair contract that aids advisers in their growth journey.

11)   Training Support: Integrated and Modular training programs to help advisers improve their processes, skills, and knowledge.

12)   Marketing Support: Comprehensive marketing support to assist advisers in building and promoting their business effectively. 

13) Leads Provided: Leads provided to help kickstart your business. 

Experienced Advisers

Take Advantage of our simple and straightforward onboarding process to fast track you onto a professional team to help support you and your goals.

Industry Newcomers 

We offer a comprehensive step-by-step training course designed specifically for industry newcomers. This program provides in-depth guidance on how to advise clients properly. In addition to the structured training, we offer continuous support, personalised guidance, one-on-one sessions, and comprehensive mentorship to ensure that every individual receives the necessary assistance throughout their journey with us.


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