It's hard to believe, but it's already October! Alongside November, this is the busiest month for General Insurance transactions. This is partly what's shaped our campaign for this month, which is all about helping our brokers to become "GI Elite".

Our mission for October is to provide you with all the support, expertise, best practices and sales tools - such as our brilliant Defaqto Compare Tool - to help you deliver outstanding service for your clients whilst building a valuable income trail for yourself.

We want to help get you in the best possible place by the end of this month, so that you're ready for the extremely busy periods for Home and Landlord / BTL insurance that lie ahead between now and the end of the year.

Expect to see lots of helpful communications activity from us this month, including a live Q&A with myself at the end of the month - where I'll take the opportunity to answer any questions you have (which you can submit by clicking here) about being GI Elite.

Kind regards,

Mark Hutchings

Head of Sales & Distribution