They say practise makes perfect but does it really? If you don’t perfect your technique and keep practising the same ineffective method of doing something, are you actually going to achieve anything? Take an Olympic swimmer. If he just does the same strokes every day in the pool without ever assessing what he’s doing wrong or how he could improve his performance, is he likely to get any better?

The answer of course is no. Indeed, practise does not make perfect - perfect practise makes perfect. This is something we’ve learned when watching the best of the best brokers perfecting their approach to GI business. These brokers are what we call GI elite.

These brokers always maximise the income opportunity per household because they leave no gaps in their advice. They see the bigger picture and, whilst addressing the primary need of the client, are able to notice the periphery opportunities, whether that be for GI, a second charge or business product. They build relationships with the right people so they are always able to accommodate a client through referrals. They are masters of their sport.

Becoming elite will not only increase your profits but will actually make your business run more smoothly. That swimmer who perfects his technique will find competing easier and less challenging because he’s ironed out the problems he didn’t even know he had.

First, perfect your timing. It’s no good bringing GI into the conversation too late in the game. It needs to be mentioned in the very first meeting and brought up at each subsequent conversation.

Secondly, perfect your wording. Make sure you’re completely clear in what you can offer the client and, if it is the case, who you will be referring the client too.

Thirdly, perfect your partners. If you know you’re working with a provider who can offer 5 star, award winning cover then you have the peace of mind of knowing your client will get the very best deal available.



And for the elite, nothing but the best will do.