Keep in step with your clients' expectations and adopt the online Client Portal within the Key - now with Fact Find capability!

Clients can now complete a Fact Find in the Portal which transfers directly into the Key, in addition to communicating, downloading and uploading documents securely.

This offers plenty of benefits…

* Champion your clients to complete an online Fact Find
* Offer to your customer to enhance their digital experience
* Choose to lock or unlock client access to the Fact Find
* Designed to capture hard facts prior to any face to face meeting
* Offer a more modern, professional fact-finding process
* Individual account logins for applicants 1 and 2
* Request, send, collate and receive information securely from and to your clients
* Easily keep your clients up to date with their case progress
* 24 hour access from smart phones, tablets and computers

Click here to try the Key for 30 days - completely free. You can also read all about the latest version of the Key in our release notes as well as exploring our user guide to the Client Portal.