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Directly Authorised?

I'm CAS, with a network now and have been a mortgage (inc lifetime) & protection adviser for around 15 years. I have my own shop front/office, turnover around £110k, good with compliance but want to join a DA firm, maybe as a trading style so that I can keep my own brand. I have not been removed from any lender panels and have no complaints but I just yearn for a different way of working.

To consider this the DA firm would need to be large enough to have access to the lender market's new entrants, a bit like a network but on a more personal level.

I'm sure there must be plenty out there, please let me know if you're interested in talking.


Where are you based and which particular lenders do you want access to?

I am based in Reading - e-mail me if you want a chat.




Thanks Paul - based nr Braintree Essex.

Lenders such as TSB, HSBC, Bank of Ireland, Post Office. I get access with the network but I understand only larger DA firms have access. I promote myself as an independent broker so it's important (to me) to be able to access as many as possible.

Tad far for me - and you may find it tough to get all of those lenders outside of a network - good luck though.



Thought to be independent was about offering clients options of fees. ie fee only or fees & commission etc.

Also to be independent you need to be able to advise on all lenders including direct to lender and lenders that do not deal with brokers. otherwise you're whole of market?

Anon look at the Fairstone group. I work with them. Big enough to get exclusive lenders small enough to know your name fairly relaxed and not overly prescriptive on compliance. I appreciate it’s a very personal choice how to trade but I think you should call and talk to them. 

Thanks Paul & I'll give them a look JA.

Anon - the way we think of independent and the way the general public think of it are different. I just want to be able to offer my clients as much choice as possible, they come to me for a mortgage and if I can't offer them lenders x, y and z then I don't think I'd be fulfilling my role very well.

Others won't agree but that's my view

And in this quirky world, going Independent will probably limit the number of lenders as others have eluded to such as HSBC etc

Would it not be best to have a chat with the network to see if you can go off grid for these cases or indeed another network that will allow you to do so?

Chatted with the local HSBC manager the other day and seems a lot of hurdles to get over for DAs to work with them

Anonymous - Your words were "I promote myself as an independent broker"

Yet you appear to not be independent nor want to be independent. 


I can not offer you what you want but if I could, I think that alone would be putting me off. 

It might be worth speaking to JLM. They are a network, but not like a normal network. Most networks have their process that you hve to conform to, they appear to be a little more flexible. I am DA but I have another venture on the go that I am setting up under them. 


For as long as I can remember, the public's perception of 'independent' is being able to use every lender available to intermediaries and I owe it to my clients to be as close to that as possible. They don't see, and are probably not interested in the intricacies of the regulator's definition, they just see a mortgage adviser who can access just about every lender they have heard of and in their mind that means they get good value, whilst my reputation means they'll get good service.

I appreciate that the public's perception does not match the regulator's but I have provided the service for 15 years and not had any complaints yet, from either my clients or my network.

Thanks TH84 I'll give them a look but I think I'll stay where I am for now.

I think we over think this. We are independent, tick the regulatory boxes to ensure we are but then its the industry that stops us being so by limiting distirbution.

Hey ho. We can still recommend any lender we want even if we cant use them so i dont lose sleep over that point.

The alternative is to join a larger network who can offer the access to lenders but then i feel you lose other , more important aspect of independence - that of controlling the advice process.

Drop me a line if you want to discuss things further - we are looking for a presence in Essex .

Many clients I've met over the years think "independent" means that you work on your own!

We are keen to speak to Mortgage brokers who are looking for an all inclusive package including full admin support, PI cover, sourcing, marketing support. We are happy for the broker to work under a trading style to maintain their own branding as several advisers already do so. 

More than happy for you to get in touch for a no obligation conversation on what we can offer.



Hi Richard, 

Hope you are well. 


I would like like to get in touch with you in regards to Mortgage Broker roles you have available. 

If you can please PM your number I will contact you.


Thank you 


If you have your own sources of business and need the best support and remote case monitoring speak to us - quote Cherry Forum when calling

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