Matt Edwards - MD of e-finity Leads

I love hearing stories about new businesses finding a niche in a sector and then building a company, a team of staff and a culture of bucking the trend.

One of the most enjoyable parts of starting e-finity leads has been chatting to the many innovative brokers who have not only survived, but thrived in the last few years. If we were to believe the national media, the financial services sector has sat with its arms crossed for the last four years but we all know that simply isn’t the case.

We’re constantly looking at new sectors and applying the same metrics and conversion factors we apply to Mortgage and Life insurance. Products like Equity Release, Pensions, Estate planning and even Laser Eye surgery are all on our immediate radar.
If you're focused solely on the conversion metrics of your lead gen activity and not the broader ROI you may be missing out. Demand for all lead types drop outside of regular office hours but this is the very time that most consumers are available to speak. I’ve covered it before but weekends are a great time to buy and work leads. Consumers that wake up on Saturday morning knowing that its time they took out Private Medical Insurance or sorted that Remortgage they’ve been meaning to tackle, do so with far more time on their hands than they would normally have during the working week.

I’ll be speaking at the Financial Services Expo later in the month where we’re also exhibiting. One of the areas I'll be exploring is how the broker can make the system, work for them.
During the April bank holidays we had several orders for leads over the extra long weekend which surprised the team and me.  The Monday was particularly busy and when pushed, brokers either wanted to get ahead so they had leads to call on the following morning or some were working (and converting!) leads we were sending them.
We advise all of our clients to at least give a Saturday morning, a bank holiday Monday or a late night in the week, a try to see how it effects contact and conversion rate.  Lead generation does not work as a solely 9-5 activity, the vast majority of consumers will look for and want to speak to an adviser when they are not within ear shot of their boss and if you only buy during this time, you’re more likely to encounter the same type of consumer, again and again.

If you’d like to chat more the upcoming bank holiday weekends in May or just how to make lead generation work for you, please call into the office and ask for me. Alternatively please just introduce yourself at the FSE in Manchester


(This article was first published in Financial Reporter)