The financial services industry is a complicated one so it makes sense to simplify things wherever you can.


One of today's most precious commodities is time. Your time is best spent with your clients. Somebody else should be doing the things that slow you down.

So, how can we help?   


Integrity's paraplanning and admin services are tailor-made to suit an adviser's individual needs. Full case packaging is one of the most popular services we offer. All you have to do is supply the Fact Find, we can build your new business file, carry out the research and prepare the Suitability Report. We can even key in the Application Form post sign-up if you want us to.


We are more than happy to deal with any clients and product providers on your behalf too. We record our calls for compliance purposes, this is a great time saver, especially on protection cases!

If you're pressed for time, give us a call, and see what we can do to ease your workload.

Sally Ann - IVOP - Tel: 01934 807005 or 07708783126.