Do you wish you could simply visit your client and compile their Fact Find, send an email requesting their desired product, and then call for back-up?


You can… simply by using our services. These are the things we can do on your behalf:

  • Obtain the Key Feature Illustration.
  • Obtain the Decision in Principle.
  • Submit the Application to the chosen lender.
  • Run ID verification on your clients.
  • Compile the Suitability Report.
  • Key your new business onto your back office system, including the Fact Find.
  • Set reminders for outstanding file requirements, i.e. ID, proof of income, proof of deposit.
  •  Monitor and track your procuration fee through to completion.

You don’t have to use all of the above services, just chose whatever suits your requirements. Remember, you only pay us for what you need.

We all know how low procuration fees are on Mortgages, but we think you will find that the cost of outsourcing each case will outweigh the time you spend compiling your file. Do the math - you’ll free up your time, meaning you can prospect for new clients.

Road test us for just one case and see for yourself… call 07708 783126 for a no-obligation chat.

* Read our latest review from one of our IFAs who has recently started using IVOP:

“I was sceptical about outsourcing my mortgage cases as I knew it would reduce my overall earnings by having to pay someone else. How wrong was I, my long days have reduced and I simply don’t have to worry about the processing side, the bit that always slowed me down and chained me to my desk. I’m now much better organised and seeing twice as many clients. Outsourcing was definitely a good decision to make for me.”

Marc Jones, Financial Adviser - 2.3.2015

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