The pension reform 2014/15 is now influencing all retirement and inheritance tax planning. Against this backdrop, we have produced a guide to help you keep up with the changes in legislation. The guide comes in two versions, one for you, the adviser, and another one aimed at consumers.

Guide for advisers

Designed to help keep you up to date with changes in legislation and retirement solutions, this guide examines:

How to assess income needs

The blending of solutions to meet various income needs

Key issues to address and avoid, including inflation and longevity

How to construct and manage a prudent drawdown solution

What to look out for when benchmarking performance

This CPD-accredited guide, sponsored by Partnership, comes with a series of 13 model consumer profiles to illustrate how pension freedoms can impact on people's retirement. We have drafted them so that you can use them in your conversations with clients to communicate the changes and potential outcomes.

Guide for consumers

Designed to help educate your clients on the retirement options available and the key planning points to consider, such as understanding what income is needed and when and how to plan against inflation, longevity and running out of money before death.

It's a prudent read for those planning their retirement, and the guide is designed to provide a strong foundation of knowledge to those considering taking guidance and professional financial advice.


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