Encrypt your Data and get DPA secure for less than £12 per month


Did you know Data thieves could easily hack and steal your company’s data without encryption software in place?



There’s been a lot of talk about encryption in the media lately.



You hear about who uses encryption, and who doesn’t (lots of brokers don’t, to their own detriment).



Times are tough, and the costs of running a business quickly add up. But do not be tempted to overlook the importance of encryption software - It could lead to loss of data on a huge scale.



Of all small to medium sized firms that suffer serious data breaches, only 30% survive in the long term.



The killer is the damage to a broker’s reputation caused by data loss. Once you lose information on a massive scale, it is difficult to shake off the reputation for having insecure systems.



Lenders and your clients will take their business elsewhere, and your business could enter terminal decline.



Remember…..Hackers are becoming increasingly savvy, they know small to medium sized brokers are the least likely to have encryption software defences in place so they will see your data as the low hanging fruit, ripe for picking to steal and use for fraudulent activity……



Use trustworthy technology providers to help you put safeguards in place




JMS Secure Data have been instrumental in supporting other advisor firms with secure and compliant solutions such as encryption software and cloud services solutions that will protect your business from data thieves and keep your business safe.



Our expertise will also add to your requirements to be Data Protection compliant with DPA ‘Principle 7’ which is a requirement by the FCA.