We all know that email marketing has had a bit of a bad rap lately, because most of us receive regular unwanted emails. Deleting without reading or throwing into the spam bin often seems the best resolution to those on the receiving end.


However, ran the right way, e-mail campaigns can be an effective way to keep in contact with clients, build good relationships for future opportunities and gaining valuable feedback for your business. It is therefore important to ensure that you’re email stands out above the junk by providing your clients with informative, helpful information and listening to all feedback.


There are a few simple thing that you can do;


  • Target clients who you have already done business with

  • Define your market down to the right recipients

  • Keep the same name on your email each time

  • Keep your emails short and factual

  • Create a hook or share a common interest with your recipient

  • Create a way for your recipients to contact you further to discuss or to fill in a survey where they can mutually respond.

  • Send your campaigns regularly enough to stay familiar

  • Do not send campaigns too often so that your client gets fed up


With your full 360 Lifecycle account you can use the Campaign Manager tool to quickly deliver your servicing arrangement/proposition and even regular newsletters to your clients simply and without additional charge.