As a Commercial Finance Professional you will be trained and supported to offer a very broad range of financial services to your clients. Listed below are case studies of client projects recently completed by our team.

We have also included some ' revenue facts ' to give an indication of the income potential from each product area If you require more specific detail on these or any of the other products and services we transact then please get in touch..

Mr & Mrs M contacted us when they needed to review their current seven buy to let mortgages.

The clients were looking to re-mortgage all of their buy to let properties within their portfolio. This included a block of six flats (of which five were buy to lets and the clients own residential property), a house let out to students (classed as a HMO), and a flat with a short lease.

The reason for the re-mortgages was so that the clients could raise funds in order to purchase additional property for retirement, extend a lease and increase their savings fund.

The clients current mortgages were coming to the end of their terms and the existing lenders were unable to assist them again due to the clients being aged 64 and 65.

At this point in time, the clients did not wish to sell the properties as they were providing them with a good rental return. The ideal requirement for the clients was to extend their BTL mortgage terms for a further 10 years. After that time they planned to pass some properties over to their children and sell the rest.

Regardless of the fact that these were very difficult mortgages to place as the majority of lenders would not consider lending due to it being deemed as a high risk lending, Go Commercial Finance managed to agree mortgages on all seven properties enabling the clients to proceed with their plans for the future.


Property value: £1,015,000

Loan amount: £761.250

LTV: 75%

Rate: 3.75% 2 year fixed

Term: 10 years interest only

Mortgage payment: £2,378.90 pcm

Lender arrangement fee: 1.5%

Broker Fee 1.5%


Case Study - First-time landlord purchases property in newly set up SPV

We were approached a would-be first time landlord who was looking to purchase his first buy to let property.

The client is self-employed, earning in excess of £25k pa although he plans to build a portfolio of rental properties over time.

He had set up a limited company through which to make the property purchase but on closer inspection, we discovered that the company was set up for general trading rather than a Special Purpose Vehicle for holding property.

As the majority of lenders that offer products to companies will only lend to SPVs, we helped the client set up an SPV.

The client need the finance to purchase a three-bed semi-detached house in a popular Welsh town with intention of letting it to families or professionals.

After offering the client a variety of options, he decided that as a first time buyer a two year fixed rate would suit him best.

The case was straightforward and was processed with ease.

Here are the details of the deal:

Property value: £145,000

Loan amount: £108,000

LTV: 75%

Rate: 3.75% 2 year fixed

Term: 20 years interest only

Mortgage payment: £337 pcm

Lender arrangement fee: 1.5% (£1,620)

Rental income: £595 pcm

Gross yield: 4.9% pa


Case Study - SPV Ltd Co raises capital on 3 unencumbered flats

We were approached by a couple, both GPs, who were looking to raise finance against three unencumbered 1-bed flats in Bromley owned by their SPV limited company.

The funds raised would be used as a deposits to purchase more buy to let property.

The couple were slightly concerned that borrowing in the name of a limited company would be very expensive; however, we were able to source a five year fixed rate deal at a very competitive rate by limiting the gearing on each flat to 65% LTV.

Also, the application fee of £400 (including valuation) for each property was much cheaper than that quoted by other lenders which came as a welcome bonus.

All three applications completed without a hitch. Here are the details - the same for each of the three properties:

Property value: £300,000

Loan amount: £195,000

LTV: 65%

Rate: 3.59% 5 year fixed

Term: 25 years interest only

Lender arrangement fee: £1,999

Mortgage payment: £589 pcm

Rental income: £1,167 pcm

Gross yield: 4.67% pa

Case Study - Commercial Mortgage - Workshop and Warehouse Units, Doncaster.

Client Requirement : Our client approached us recently for general advice and to secure funding for the acquisition of an Engineering Workshop and Warehouse unit in Swansea, South Wales. The client needed a term mortgage of 75% loan to value on the unit amounting to £290K the balance of his own deposit funds were pending the sale of an unencumbered residential investment property in Islington, London which at the time was on the market with no firm offers in place.


Solution : To raise the deposit funds we were able to secure a short term bridging loan of £175K secured on the investment property at 50% of confirmed value at an interest rate of 0.95% per month. This was in place within 2 weeks and in tandem we secured a commercial mortgage offer at 3.5% over Bank Base on a 15 year term with a major lender. The Commercial Mortgage completed in March and the Investment property sold in November.


Trading Business Finance − Retail , Leisure , Manufacturing and Commercial Businesses.

The acquisition of a ‘lifestyle’ trading business is a dream for many clients and with funding generally available up to 70 -75 % of the business valuation you will be in an ideal position to assist the client.

For sitting tenants running a profitable business from Leasehold premises such as a pub, restaurant or fast food outlet with a good trading record it is often possible to secure 100% of the freehold property valuation should they get the opportunity to purchase the freehold of the premises.

Case Study - Property Development and Refurbishment Finance

Providing Property Development and Refurbishment Finance to the SME Community is an extremely lucrative element of the Brokerplan programme. You will learn how to qualify, develop and manage such opportunities with over 30 UK Lenders very much active in this in this part of the market. In addition to the provision of the ' Senior Debt' for such projects you will also be providing the top up finance for the project or so called ‘Mezzanine Funding’ which will add significant additional fees.


Client Requirement - Our client , an experienced property developer operating across Yorkshire and the North East approached us for £580K of funding support to develop the site of an ex public house in a North Yorkshire market town. The property had full planning consent for conversion of the pub in to 6 flats and the new build of a terrace of 7 affordable units in what was previously the pub car park. The client had been let down by his own Bank who had initilly indicated support but failed to deliver a confirmed funding offer after 6 weeks of deliberations.


Solution - Working with a specialist development lender who will support ex-pub type developments we produced an 'In Principle' offer the same day and arranged project valuations and Quantity Surveyor appraisals within 48 hours. Within 8 days with reports to hand the formal offer of funding was delivered to the client and the formal commercial and legal due diligence completed in a further 4 weeks and staged drawdown of funding commenced allowing the build works to proceed.


Case Study - Buy To Let ⁄ Investor Mortgage Finance

The Buy To Let Mortgage market is now starting to gain pace again as many Professional Investors and Landlords look to take full advantage of many properties offered for sale at ‘below market value’. With significantly more Buy

To Let Mortgage products being available in the 75% - 80% Loan To Value (LTV) range this presents significant opportunities to tap in to this market opportunity. In addition a significant number of landlords are seeking to re-finance an existing portfolio of properties to raise cash for new acquisitions.

Client Requirement -Our client had built up a substantial portfolio of 130 residential and commercial properties across the North of England and had, over time taken out mortgages with a wide variety of buy to let and commercial lenders. The borrowing level across the portfolio stood at sub 50% of the current market value but the disparate and varied nature of the funding structure meant that the client could not leverage the equity in the portfolio to finance other acquisitions being presented to him at below market value prices.Ideally the client required a 'fighting fund' of circa £500 K to take to the market for new property acquisitions.

Solution - Not being a straightforward re-finance exercise we presented the case to a specialist property lender offering near to high street rates and we agreed a schedule to migrate the properties across to the new lender on a 4 phased arrangement over a 12 month period. The first phase completing within 8 weeks and offered up an additional £300K in free capital with which to seek new properties , phase 2 with in a further 12 weeks releasing the balance of £200K of new funds required. Phase 3 completed in November and the final phase due early 2013.