Here’s something to remember next time you encounter a need for bridging finance.

Headline bridging rates can deceive as they are only available to low LTV borrowers.
Typically they offer starting rates around 0.6% but above 65% the rates can quickly rise to well over 1% per month.

This latest loan is the lowest rate on the market for most borrowers.
It starts at 0.65% but is capped at 0.75% right up to 75% LTV.

It’s only available through very limited distribution so give Promise a call with your next enquiry.

Here are the headlines:

  • It’s the lowest rate in the market at 75% LTV
  • Starting rates of 0.65%
  • Arrears and CCJ’s considered – Ignored if over 12 months old
  • No Income Proof required
  • England, Scotland & Wales
  • No ERC’s
  • It's for regulated residential 1st charge loans
  • Flats up 6th Floor, Ex-Council and lower value properties

Please call your BSM or ask for Marc in the bridging department on 01902 267443.  You can also get a DIP form here.

Marc is currently handling cases from £20K up to £30 million so feel free to chat to him for some advice.