We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to lending and will work with you to find mortgage solutions for your clients regardless of their financial circumstances:

Lending into retirement

  • We offer huge flexibility by lending into retirement, with no upper age restrictions on our products (though the maximum mortgage term may be limited)

  • We offer generous terms where other lenders do not – lending up to a 5 year term to an 89 year old and a max 16 year term for a 70 year old

  • We take into account earned income up to age 70 and pension income beyond that

Did you know…?

We individually underwrite

  • We have no set maximum loan and each individual case is considered on merit

  • We conduct individual underwriting using a ‘common sense’ approach and don’t credit score, which means we might be able to provide a mortgage for a client who has been turned down elsewhere

We lend to the self-employed

  • Where applicants are self-employed and have more than a 33% financial stake in a business, we accept their proportion of net profit for the most recent year

Mortgages for ex-pats

  • Loans are available on a buy-to-let basis

We provide mortgages that meet the needs of family members at all stages of their lives:

  • The Family Mortgage – ideal for (but not limited to) first time buyers
  • Offset Mortgage – ideal for those who want to put their savings to better use
  • Low Start Mortgage – ideal for those adjusting to new financial circumstances

We’re here to help you with your mortgage questions, so get in touch:
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