The Professionals' guide to drawdown from Defaqto, is CPD accredited, and forms an independent guide to advising on drawing income from pension savings. The guide also updates on the changes that have occurred and their impact since the last issue in 2015. 

Now, a full year in to the pension freedoms, this annual guide aims to cover all of the key information advisers and para-planners need to know, including:

  • Recent legislation changes and what to expect in 2017
  • The personal tax allowances to consider - including the new dividend tax allowance
  • The risks to consider with clients including the critically important ones relating to longevity and inflation
  • Ways to evidence income suitability and sustainability
  • Ways to assess and evidence an appropriate investment strategy
  • Explanation on how  pension savings can be used to benefit future generations

The study also provides a useful introduction and review of the solutions and services available to advisers and para-planners.

Download Professionals' guide to drawdown