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Are YOU currently complying with the
Financial Sanctions legislation?

The answer from most people is likely to be no or "what legislation?!!"

That said always remember the law does not provide for ignorance so just because you don't know you need to comply does not mean you don't need to comply.

The fact is that all companies especially mortgage advisers and IFAs have to demonstrate that their clients are not on the HM Treasury's Sanctions List.

Click here or view the images below to see an excerpt of the FSA Sanctions Factsheet

Here at we make it simple and affordable to comply.


  • Just to log in and search takes minutes.
  • All searches are stored as your audit trail meaning you can evidence you customer is not on the financial sanctions list.
  • We continue to check your client free of charge against all updates to the HMT list.
  • We provide annual certificates again to confirm ongoing compliance with the regulations.
  • Firms register and then set up individual advisers allowing all the firms sanction searches to be available in one easy account management system.
  • Application protocol interface (API) available so firms can plug their own systems straight into allowing simple compliance without the need to leave their own back office system.
  • XML interface available meaning you can even plug web sites directly into this means that all your customers will have a valid sanctions check carried out as soon as you receive their enquiry.


  • Prices are £20 per annum per firm this allows for 100 searches and additional search credits are only £10 per 100. Discounts are available for volume searches.
  • All ongoing screening is free of charge and all annual certificates are also free of charge.

Now that's affordable compliance!

Click here to download a pdf

Click here to download pdf