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FTO Bridging Loans Reports 40% Lending Increase

06 March 2018

FTO Bridging Loans has reported a huge 40% increase in loan approvals and an equally impressive 27% profit increase for the year ending 31st December.

During the period of 2017 FTO experienced a return on average equity of 20%, deposits made by customers increase by 31% and a rise in gross income of 20%.

This shows that despite the ongoing concerns surrounding the property market and the effects of Brexit that the bridging finance sector remains strong and is in a good position to meet any challenges that 2018 may have in store.

The economy relies on the bridging sector heavily to provide essential funding and capital to customers in a responsible and sustainable way.

Bridging Finance is an essential part of the alternative finance market.

FTO Bridging Loans has gained momentum over the past few years which is projected to continue well beyond 2018 whilst customers have enjoyed an increase in the level of service provided.

The sustained growth of the firm has been organic due to the fluid trading environment.

FTO has a solid foundation of talented and extremely dedicated staff members that possess the drive and enthusiasm to provide a top-level service that benefits everyone from the customers to the shareholders and the directors of the company. Each team member is an essential and vital part of the firms' success so far and continued success into the future.

As the name suggests a bridging loan helps to bridge the gap typically between the sale of one thing and the purchase of another – this is very common in the property sector especially. The most common use of Bridging Finance includes building or buying a new property then using the sale of the old property to pay back the loan.

Recently, bridging loans have become more than just an alternative lending solution and have moved into the mainstream. It’s a truly accessible and convenient way for people to secure a short-term loan for a wide variety of needs including domestic and commercial property projects. That being said, bridging is still a complex and specialist product and lenders should be chosen with care.

FTO Bridging Loans have all of the experience, expertise, and solutions to provide you with the best bridging loan for your specific situation and budget.