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Award-winning AML system SmartSearch now integrated with more than 100 clients’ own CRMs

19 March 2019

Integration can be completed in as little as 48hrs

More than 100 regulated businesses now have the award-winning anti-money laundering (AML) platform SmartSearch directly integrated into their own Customer Relationship Management systems.

SmartSearch is one of the world’s leading AML platforms. Its advanced technology enables clients to meet all their AML, Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance obligations all in one place by performing a ‘SmartSearch’

SmartSearch has more than 3,500 customers that use the system as a standalone AML solution, but increasingly, customers are now looking to perform a SmartSearch via their existing CRMs.

Generally, SmartSearch’s customers will have their own CRM where they store their client information. To do a SmartSearch on a client, they log onto the SmartSearch platform, key in the client information, download the AML Certificate and upload that back onto their own system.

But by integrating SmartSearch, they only need to key the information into their own system. From there they are able to automatically run a SmartSearch and attach the AML Certificate to the client record; this is a USP to SmartSearch.

SmartSearch has already integrated its platform with more than 100 clients’ existing systems - both directly and via 3rd party providers - and Technical Director Fraser Mitchell is expecting demand for this type of solution to increase.

Fraser said: “With the 5th money laundering directive stipulating for electronic AML checks, more and more regulated businesses are looking to start using electronic AML platforms, so I expect to see demand for SmartSearch – and particularly the integrated version - to increase significantly as a result.”

Integration of SmartSearch and a clients’ CRM is easy to achieve, with some customers completing within 48 hours. It also allows clients to create their own workflows, as Fraser explains:

“For example, if a customer performs a SmartSearch on a client and it refers, they can send the result one way, but if it triggers a PEP or Sanction match, they can automatically send it on another route for Enhanced Due Diligence.

“By integrating, users can customise the technology to fit their own requirements, adapting it and changing it as they need to.”

As well as the AML searches, customers can also use the integrated system to retrieve management information, create fresh copies of AML Certificates and turn ongoing monitoring on and off.

Seedrs is a crowdfunding platform for investing in private businesses and has integrated the SmartSearch technology into its existing systems. Finance Director Jakub Kohout said he is really pleased with how it has simplified their compliance process.

He said: "The integration with SmartSearch has allowed to us streamline our client on-boarding in a seamless process, both for us and our clients. And through ongoing monitoring, we are able to meet many of our compliance obligations in a digital and efficient manner."

Geoff James, software developer at specialist digital buy-to-let mortgage broker, Property Master said: “Our complex data search and matching system means we have to quickly and accurately identify customer data. With the help of the SmartSearch team, we managed to achieve a quick and smooth integration of their API into our system.

“An outstanding, supportive and friendly team. Any questions or issues were responded to promptly and efficiently throughout. Above all, their professional yet approachable attitude to supporting us and assisting us in the integration, was most valuable.”

If you are a regulated business, or a CRM/API provider to regulated businesses, and are interested in finding out more about the benefits of integrating SmartSearch, contact Fraser Mitchell