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01 November 2023

The organisers of National Conveyancing Week (NCW) have today (1st November 2023) confirmed plans for the 2024 event, which will take place between the 11th and 15th March 2024.

Rob Hailstone (Bold Legal Group) and David Opie (Today’s Media) announced the 2024 event, which will include the British Conveyancing Awards, taking place on the 12th March at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London.

The inaugural NCW took place in March this year and was established to highlight the challenges faced by conveyancing firms and conveyancers, to educate the wider property community of the increased complexity of the work, and to draw attention to the changing role of conveyancers.

The organisers said NCW 2024 will maintain those core objectives, but will seek to build on the first event through fostering greater collaboration between the conveyancing profession and other stakeholders, and aiming to grow consumer understanding about what conveyancers do, where to find conveyancing services, and what to expect from the conveyancing process.

NCW 2024 will be presenting exclusive consumer research results and will be seeking to offer solutions for firms, and the entire sector, on how it can aid consumer knowledge and understanding of conveyancing, manage expectations, and how the process might be changed in order to provide them with greater certainty and transparency.

NCW 2024 will follow a similar structure to last year, covering a raft of topics via a series of in-person seminar sessions and online lectures and presentations. The full agenda will be announced in the future, and NCW will again be exploring key themes that impact property professionals.

Topics likely to be covered include fees and commercial considerations, mental health and staff well-being, education on the roles of others in the transaction, and how to generate greater collaboration.

Conveyancing firms will once again be encouraged to open their doors through ‘Collaboration Coffee Mornings’, inviting a wider range of stakeholders including consumers, referrers, mortgage advisers, and estate agents.

Firms will also be encouraged to hold ‘Lunch and Learn’ and ‘Meet the Team’ sessions, in order to foster relationships, and to ensure stakeholders have a broader knowledge of the conveyancing process and the firm itself.

Rob Hailstone, Chief Executive of the Bold Legal Group, commented.

“We’re very pleased to be able to announce the date of next year’s National Conveyancing Week, and to announce some of the themes we intend to cover, particularly in relation to consumer understanding and awareness of what conveyancers do, and how they can access those services.

“With next year’s NCW we want to attract more conveyancing firms to take part because by doing so, they can engage with all their key stakeholders, plus they can highlight their offering, simply by getting involved, opening their doors, and making themselves available.

“The beauty of NCW is that it is free and mainly online so all conveyancers can take part as and when they like throughout the week. As per last year, we’ll have a very full agenda and we’ll be talking all things conveyancing and property market-related in order to draw attention to this sector and the excellent work being carried out.”

David Opie, Managing Director of Today’s Media, said:

“The conveyancing profession really took the themes and objectives of NCW to heart last year and amplified the messaging by taking part, and highlighting this through their own websites, social media channels and activities.

“Now, we want to broaden our ambitions, and reach out to many more of those involved in the property and housing market community, plus highlight what conveyancing firms do, and how pivotal they are, to all those involved in the home buying and selling process.

“We won’t just be using NCW 2024 to talk to ourselves but to speak to all those involved in this industry about what the next steps should be, how we can improve what we do, and what benefits it can deliver to all. Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved.”

For further information on National Conveyancing Week 2024, including how to get involved, please visit: