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Frequently asked questions

How does cherry’s consumer website work?  Click here

How do consumers find cherryFind?  Click here

How do I get my FREE listing?  Members click here - New to cherry? Click here to join (FREE)

How do I change the email address on my account?  Please email

How do I update my listing?  Click here to view/edit listing

Why would I upgrade my listing?  Listings show higher in search results, making enquiries more likely - Find out more

How do I pay for an upgraded listing?  You can pay £5 pm or £60 pa (incl VAT) via PayPal, Direct Debit or card - Find out more

Can I deactivate my advert while I'm on holiday?  Yes, there's a tick box at the top of the page where you edit your listing

Working from home and would rather not include your full address?

Add as much as possible to the address section including your postcode but leave off your property name/number and road name.

Do you have Advisers covering different areas?

If your firm have Advisers covering different areas, each Adviser can join and claim their free listing. Feel free to forward the following link to any colleagues - Join cherry here (FREE) (right click and 'copy link').

Alternatively, we can add multiple listings to one account so all consumer enquiries would go to one email address - please let us know if this is preferable.

Need further assistance?  Please email